Source of Liangzhu Culture
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  • Liangzhu culture is 5300 yeas to 4300 yeas far from today. It can compare favorably with the Sumerian civilization, the ancient Egyptian civilization, the India civilization, and the Indian civilization. It is the evidence of Chinese five thousand years civilization of the holy land. In 2007, the discovery of ancient city wall of Liangzhu has shocked the world, marking that the Liangzhu culture has really entered the stage of civilization. The area of Ancient City of Liangzhu is about 3 million square meters. Inside the city, there are the large palace site of Mojiao Mountain and the Mountain Fan Noble Cemetery. Outside the city, there are Mountain Yao altar and Huiguan Mountain altar. The large scale and well-equipped Ancient City of Liangzhu is known as "First City of China" by experts. The Liangzhu culture becomes a big source of Chinese civilization. In October 2015, the discovery of flood control dam has been confirmed as China's earliest existing large water conservancy project, which is the world's oldest flood control dam. It is 1,000 years earlier than the legendary of Dayu water conservancy. The unearthed Ancient City of Liangzhu and the water conservancy system are a carefully planned huge urban system. If there is the community without the protection of national system, it is difficult to accomplish such a huge fine project. The Liangzhu Relics has reflected a “Liangzhu spirit” with the features of origin, initiative, creation, and pioneering, which is one of the most valuable part of Chinese traditional culture.

  • Liangzhu culture is the great achievement of human beings, and it is well known for its outstanding achievements, such as: it represents the world’s most exquisite jade, stone and black pottery crafts so far, its symbolized social etiquette system, early system of urban planning, large engineering construction and social organization, the world's first large-scale rice-plowing agriculture, early science and technology thought, and the initiation of handicraft and business centered by silk, jade, paint production and so on.

  • Liangzhu culture is the most important archaeological culture in the origin stage of Chinese civilization. It not only has relatively independent political power and social living space, but also can form a benign circulation with the natural system, being rich in great spirit of construction, so it has the uniqueness and special importance in the history of human civilization. In the Chinese archaeology, it is called the evidence of Chinese five thousand years civilization history with its top scale and level.

Introduction of Liangzhu New Town
Liangzhu New town

Liangzhu New Town is located in the northwest of the provincial capital Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, in east China. It is north of the "Liangzhu Culture Relics Reserves", belonging to Hangzhou planned Liangzhu group of "1 main part 3 assistants 6 groups", which is about 18 km from the center of Hangzhou in line distance. Liangzhu New Town is also gradually along with the urban development, joins "Liangzhu New City", being included in the core part of provincial first characteristic town "Dream Habitat Town".


Liangzhu is a beautiful islet with the history and the reality in photograph reflection. She combines the stretching branch of Tianmu Mountain and the natural landscape of Xixi wetland, which is a good habitat keeping unchanged for five thousand years. It has 5,000 mu of natural mountains and water, including 25 mountains, 1 river, 4 streams, 5 lakes, 6 countryside park, 2 hiking trails, and 1 boulevard, which is a living example of respecting nature and ecology.

Liangzhu New town

Liangzhu New Town is a contemporary trial for Vanke Group to inherit and revive the Liangzhu civilization, which is a historical literature chapter following five thousand years civilization. Historically, idyllic habitation is the highest ideal in human lives. Liangzhu New Town has not only provided the material space of an idyllic habitation, but also built the spiritual world of idyllic habitation, which is the practical sample for Chinese new urbanism living place. It covers ten thousand acres, which is the rare Chinese town-level development project.