Industrial Development of Liangzhu New Town

The ultimate goal of constructing the Liangzhu New Town is to create a vibrant town: the integration of multiple functions, the diversified life, enough job opportunities. In the development process of Liangzhu New Town, the four big town industries are gradually established and been perfect, which have become the economic engine of town development. These four major industries are: the tourism industry relying on the five thousand years civilization history and the natural landscape as the feature, the cultural and creative industry represented by the dream habitat town and business office block, the parent-child education industry facing the international people, and the pension industry leading the country.

In the process of town industry construction, the developers of Liangzhu New Town has vigorously promoted the benign development in the principle of 5 town development claims. These 5 development claims include:

- Community combining humanities and scenery (National 4A grade scenic spot, 5,000 years Liangzhu civilization, 5,000 mu mountains and water reflecting, the holy land for traveling and living under 12 years town flourishing)

- International education for parents and children (the international education view dominated by Vanke Learning Center, Education Camp and so on)

- Community combining green living movement (Hiking, running, Canoeing, and cycling culture continues the Vanke sports spirit, and opens a new sports fashion movement)

- Modal of cultural revival (Culture and Art Center opens Glocal concept, leading the community Renaissance)

- Community integrating industry and living (Industry development and living quality go together, and let the residents having job and being happy)

Tourism industry of the town

The tourism concept of "Liangzhu New Town" is not only confined to a theme park or a concentrated tourist area. At the beginning of its construction, it has already been a comprehensive tourism town with complete function and rich shapes, which is defined by the ecology, landscape, cultural attractions, recreational amusement, and human habitat. It has a perfect supporting facilities and a comfortable life environment in the planning. The convenient transportation connects the urban center, which has a sufficient business vitality and an unique cultural atmosphere while maintaining a special pleasant scale and a life breath. It has built a large-scale and multi-functional tourism integrity collecting the academic research, knowledge popularization, and leisure sightseeing function together, so it has become the most important leisure tourist area with ecological culture in Hangzhou, the hot tourism spot in east China, and the international tourist destination.

At present, the town has set up a traveling and living development division regarding the NARADA Resort Hotel as the core, and the overall tourism development planning of the town has been incorporated in the important development agenda. The core business of the tourism industry management includes the five-star NARADA Resort & Spa Liangzhu, ChetianChedi Children’s Play and Adventure Park, Food Alley of Villagers’ Canteen, and so on.

- NARADA Resort & Spa Liangzhu

The hotel is invested by Vanke, and managed by NARADA, which is one of the largest parent-child resort hotel in east China, covering an area of 274.8 mu, with a total construction area of 73,000 square meters, owning more than 40,000 square meters water, and 20,000 square meters road and square. There are 312 sets of large guest rooms with an unique style, multiple Chinese style and western style restaurants which can hold 1,000 people at the same time, a large multi-functional hall with more than 960 square meters, and more than ten conference rooms with different size, which can provide a good place for middle and high-end meetings.

The rich fitness and leisure facilities, such as the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis court, squash hall, gym, chess room, party house, parent-child park, parent-child paradise, parent-child bowling, parent-child restaurant, parent-child fishing area, mini bar, nano sweat evaporate pavilion, foot bath moxibustion, pottery, and VR experience pavilion, has made up the high quality parent-child holiday resort.

- CTCD Children's Play & Adventure Park

It is with a total area of nearly 3,000 square meters, and it is a large-scale and comprehensive one- stop integrity combining the indoor adventure amusement and children professional experience, which is suitable for adventure amusement and parent-child interaction for children older than 3 years and adults.

The children’s play and adventure area is designed by the famous children’s play master D・T with all imported equipment, and constructed and installed by the British team. In the area, there are screaming facilities such as the 90 degree devil slide, and the air cannon gun, which can strengthen the children’s coordination ability in the osmosis training, and cultivate the spirit of adventure.

- Villagers’ canteen

If you want to experience the daily life of Chinese community in Liangzhu New Town, the villagers’ canteen must be a place of your choice. Here is the local theme canteen, advocating the convenient, comfortable, warm, and equal diet culture and community lifestyle. The nostalgic atmosphere and classic dishes are the experience of tourists which shall not be missed. The breakfast mainly includes "four big king kong" (fried dough sticks, baked wheat cake, soybean milk, clutinous rice ball). The lunch mainly includes the Hangzhou traditional delicious. At present, the opened restaurants include the Food Alley one and the Qi Xian County one.

Cultural and creative industry of the town

Under the development direction of industry and habitat symbiotic community of Vanke Liangzhu New Town, the industrial development of Liangzhu New Town is planned the same time as residential business. It focuses on the Festival Place Creative Industry Block, and radiates to the whole area for grounding.

At present, the Liangzhu New Town has been incorporated into the core planning of Dream Habitat Town of Yuhang district. On 28th January 2016, the Dream Habitat Town has been listed as the second batch of construction list of Zhejiang provincial characteristic towns. As an important content of Yuhang district "3 cities 3 towns 3 parks + ecotope" strategic planning layout, the town industry is rich in content, including the panning content such as the cultural and creative industry, art industry, and industrial incubators. At the same time, the industrial brand competition has also plugged the wings of dream for the industry development.

- Festival Place Creative Industry Block

The Festival Place Creative Industry Block is located in the core region of Liangzhu New Town. The block is in the shape of a bird, covering an area of 186,111 square meters. And it officially opened on 15th November, 2014.

The project is designed by four Chinese contemporary experimental architects, ZHANG Lei, QI Xin, LIUYichun, WU Gang, to keep the town neighborhood specialty: architectures no more than three layers, small square, cordial and pleasant roads, and exquisite building details. The outstanding enterprises are inside the industrial block, such as Fanfan Comic, and Hang Zhou REYI International Youth Hostel. These enterprises show the kernel of Liangzhu culture spirit - the origin, initiative, creation, and pioneering, as well as the development force to face the future.

- Liang Zhu Center of the Arts

Liang Zhu Center of the Arts, also known as the “Big Roof” is a project designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. The project covers an area of 23557m2 with the area of structures covering 12813m2 and floor area covering 6398.67m2, underground area 4880m2 and landscape area 11749m2. It is 1.2km from the extended section of the Liangzhu on the second line of the subway. Liang Zhu Center of the Arts is a bridgehead of the revival of community culture in Liangzhu Newtown.

The building is divided into three sections. The exhibitions area is located in the south section, the education area for education purposes is located in the north section and the middle section has a small theatre, reading hall and library. The three structures are arranged under the big roof in the numeral three as written in Chinese characters. There are four parts: exhibition, performance, reading and study that combine to offer four functions; exhibitions, theatre, books and education.

The exhibition building has an area of 1560m2 and is divided into two sections, the art gallery and the exhibition area. The center is in collaboration with famous national and international art schools, as well as numerous famous designers and artists. There are varied forms of exhibition. Two such exhibitions have received favourable reviews, the French artist resident programme and the young artist support prgramme.

The culture building has an area of 2200m2. The small theatre is mainly used to prepare for concerts, film appreciation, and special lectures. The bookcase has over 4000 shelves and every shelf can place a single book. These books were all collected through crowd funding. Townsfolk from Liangzhu Newtown as well as people from all walks of life donated books that now fill the shelves of the bookcase and has turned this area into a reader’s playground.  The education building has an area of 1700m2. The education building is the center for the youth international art design class. An international art prep school has been established with 30 students chosen each year for advanced studies and to help them with their applications to famous foreign art schools.

- Union business club (industrial incubation project)

Union business club is located in the new neighborhood Chummy Resort, Liangzhu New Town, which is a new attempt of Vanke in leasing commercial property and innovating business model, as well as another important industrial service business under the development idea of Liangzhu New Town "industry and habitat symbiotic community".

The indoor area of Union business club is about 550 rooms, with 59 office space, which can serve 10-20 start-up enterprises. Through the afresh planning and design of the existing idle assets, the project creates the new value space. Besides the neat office environment, it is also equipped with the entertainment space, creation space, leisure space, and so on in the Union business club. In addition, it also provide a large outdoor terrace with about 500 square meters, giving the space an infinite imagination.

At present, there are more than ten entrepreneurial teams inside including the Nineteen Anime Studio. It has provided a dreamy place to live for the entrepreneurs.

- The Entrepreneurship Dark Horse Competition of Vanke Cup

Under the era background of the construction planning of Hangzhou district government dream habitat town as well as the social entrepreneurship, Hangzhou Vanke Commercial Management Co., Ltd. has held the first Entrepreneurship Dark Horse Competition in 2015 based on the development idea of the Festival Place Creative Industry Block and business and town combining of Liangzhu New Town. It has been successfully held for two times so far.

The competition is under the guidance of Cultural and Creative Office of Yuhang district, combined with famous universities such as Zhejiang University, and Zhejiang University of Technology. It has attracted attention from Vanke owners and the national college students. It has become the annual brand competition event.

Education industry of the town

Under the concept guidance of international parent-child community, the Liangzhu New Town focuses on cultivating and developing the education industry. There are four existing education modules, which are the system education (3 to 15 years old), Vanke's learning center (18 months to 18 years old), holiday camp (6 to 18 years old), and Vanke education・Liangzhu international college of art (older than 14). It not only covers the system education from kindergarten to primary and secondary schools, but also covers abundant education for all-around development, such as the creativity, structure, music, dance, English, science and technology, and sports.

Currently, the international parent-child community, regarding the Anji road Liangzhu Experimental School (private), Yuniao Kindergarten (private), Yinglian Kindergarten (private), Vanke Learning Center, Education Camp, and Liangzhu International Preparatory College of Art as the core, has been established. At the same time, the rich town education resources, such as the Liangzhu Museum as the palace of Liangzhu civilization, the Mine Park with about 0.1 million square meters, the CTCD Children’s Play Center with about 3,000 square meters, the ancient academy inheriting Chinese traditional culture, and the villagers’ Library of the community, the management output based on the educational ability of Anji road Liangzhu Experimental School in the future, and many introduced public schools will give the town residents a better education.

Adhering to the professional, innovative, open, and international value concept, the goal of education industry is to become the local leading comprehensive education provider.

- System education

Hangzhou Anji road Liangzhu Experimental School is a private school with nine years construct system, which was founded on 5th March, 2010. The schools uses the president responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors. In 2014, the school has completed the early transition from Anji road Experimental School managed school to an independent development. Now it has stepped into a virtuous cycle, and independent growth.

- VKLC Study Center VKLC

Vanke Learning Center roots in community, faces the whole society, is with an objective, open, and comprehensive perspective, and advocates "children growth cultivating system in all fields". Adhering to the advanced international education concept, The center gathers the first-line education brands, focuses on the cultivation of five fields, which are science, art, society, language, and health. Through the continuous tracking growth archives, various forms and lectures, irregular theme activities, and so on, the center will help the children become the contemporary citizens with independent personality and open mind.

- Holiday camp

The holiday camp of Liangzhu New Town provides the camp education service leading by the experiential learning with the characteristic of STEAM education for teenagers during holidays. The camp theme covers the arts and humanities, science and technology innovation, outdoor sports, and many other fields. The purpose is to guide teenagers to do self-exploration, concern for others, learning to learn, broaden the vision, and to cultivate their citizen consciousness and ability of serving the society through the creative camp education.

- Vanke education・Liangzhu International College of Art

The Liangzhu International College of Art is an academic inland and oversea entrance exam training base for performance major. The college has jointly connected with high-quality art education resources at home and abroad, using the similar teaching outline as that of art colleges and universities at home and abroad, equipping with language courses as well as the application service. Its aim is to provide all-directional high-quality teaching guidance and service for the domestic art students who have the intention to take the further study in the professional art colleges and universities at abroad.

Pension industry of the town

With the development of many years, the pension industry of Liangzhu New Town has become a development model of national pension industry. There are three confirmed pension product lines, including: SuiyuanJiaShu - Vanke large pension community, Suiyuan nursing home - star-level geriatric rehabilitative organization, and Suiyuan house - community pension service care center (industrial output). The pension business system has preliminarily formed a closed- loop, and fully covered various types of demands from elderly people. The industry workers are more than 300 people. The professional service teams have the service ability in elderly dinning, rehabilitation, nursing, health care management, life care, and other fields, and have gained a good reputation in service.

- dignified life

dignified life is a typical pension community in Liangzhu New Town, which has set up a leading brand of Chinese neighborhood pension, actively creating welfare for the elderly.

As of July 2016, 340 units have residents with a total of 550 residents. Services offered at Suiyuan adhere to UN principles on the treatment of the elderly “independence, participation, care, self-fulfilment and dignity”. At Suiyuan our residents can enjoy benevolent services that are offered 24 hours a day. Through several major modules each providing quality service, such as sound management, culture and recreation, housekeeping, catering services, our guests can live a quality life and achieve independence, are looked after, participate in activities, achieve a state of self-fulfillment and have self dignity.

- Suiyuan nursing home

In August 2015 our nursing home started to accept guests. It is Vanke’s first full range nursing institution that incorporates treatment, rehabilitation and care.

- Garden House

In 2016 Vanke’s vision for products directed at senior citizens, Suiyuan s became a part of the community. Suiyuan is a community that provides in-home nursing promoted through a partnership between Vanke and the local government. The government provides the land and Vanke the labour resources,jointly providing comprehensive in-home care services such as, rehabilitation, health management, culture and recreational activities, convenient services. Presently there are 40 community care centers that can serve 26000 seniors.

Note: only Hangzhou Wanchao Education Development Co., Ltd. has the right to interpret the above content.