Leading the town construction

Liangzhu Newtown is Vanke Real Estate’s largest project. Initially, Nandu Real Estate obtained rights to the the land and planning with the project estimated to house 15000 households, approximately 30-50,000 people at a capacity rate of 1.0%. 16 years have elapsed since the land was obtained in 2000. Presently 10000 homes have been handed over with 6000 families already moved in. The population of the town is approximately 20000 people. We are committed to creating modal example of one of the most livable towns that can be promoted internationally, creating small town life in modern society that promotes low density, slow pace of living in a little corner of heaven, and a community that is a demonstration of harmony between people, nature and society.

Here is not just a demonstration area of Vanke Real Estate, but are development coordinates for a new type of urbanization in China and is also a pilot project for the management modal of Chinese communities. Operation and endeavors of higher leading bodies and grass root units at Vanke and marketization have given birth to innovative systems such as No. 5 canteen, the one card system, the neighborhood pact, waste sorting and also the current ideals of this Vanke project “quality housing, quality service, quality neighbors”.

Community culture: Quality housing is our position on housing performance. Fully furnished houses reduce the waste that can be caused by carrying out renovations. There is currently a home decorating company called “beautiful home” that provides soft furnishing and modification services; Quality services refers to the range of our services that include our quality property services and our quality community commercial services and public services. The notion of quality neighbourhoods is found in Liangzhu Newtown. The neighborhood pact is a community agreement and is an example of the construction of grass root democracy in the community. 3900 homeowners jointly initiated the pact using “our” voice. Another reflection of this progressive society is how we decided planning details, such as parking regulations.

Villagers Convention

[Foreword] In the autumn of 2008, some villagers of Liangzhu New Town had the idea of writing a "Liangzhu Constitution". The entire village resonated with that. The villagers then started to produce drafts for it and in the fall of 2010 there were 32 suggested articles in the" Villagers’ Convention ". After visiting 3931 households and gaining support from 3653 of them, 26 articles are adopted in the final "Villagers’ Convention".

Be reflective, self-disciplined and follow good practices that it becomes a culture. Build a happy, harmonious and beautiful community. – Aspirations of Liangzhu New Town. Spring 2011


1. Actively participate in the village's events;

2. Always greet your neighbors;

3. We care for children's self-esteem and we will avoid reprimanding them in public;

4. When there are conflicts between children, parents will educate their own children first;

5. We will help to keep a look out when neighbors are away for long periods of time, and we will promptly inform the management in case of anomaly;

6. Be supportive and helpful during neighbors' home repair or renovation;

7. We will timely return upstairs neighbors’ fallen clothes;

8. We will not throw items out the window, or hang out extremely wet clothes to prevent dripping;

9. We will not talk loudly in public areas;

10. We will be considerate and keep noise level down in early mornings and late at night;

11. We will dress appropriately in public places and practice good etiquette;

12. We will queue orderly when boarding buses and give up seats for the young and the old;

13. We will only light fireworks in the designated areas when given consent by the management;

14. Weddings and other traditional customs should not affect day to day lives of other villagers;

15. We will not honk when we are in the village. We will lower the car’s speaker volume if windows are winded down. When parked, we will mute the vehicle anti-theft device;

16. We will slow down our cars after entering the village, turn off high beam and give way to pedestrians;

17. We will park at the designated area given for the vehicle within the marked guidelines, face the car the right way and kill the engine when parked;

18. We promote the use of bicycles, electric vehicles or shuttle buses for commutes within the village;

19. Keep parks, walking tracks and other public areas clean. Do not leave waste materials behind;

20. Classify your waste for recycling;

21. During catered events, we suggest you bring your own containers;

22. We will use recycling bags or baskets for groceries;

23. For unwanted items lying at home, trade them at the local flea market or donate them;

24. Without approval from the management, we will not release or keep animals and plants in public areas;

25. We will obtain legal documents for pets and give them regular vaccinations;

26. Keep dogs on leash at all times and clean up after them; No pets allowed in public indoors areas; Put a mask on for aggressive pets.