Master recommended
  • Tadao ando——The pritzker prize winner in 1995

    On October 12, 2010, Tadao ando came to Hangzhou. He said: "Before came to China, I went to the big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, but Hangzhou make full use of the way of combining the natural and living environment, which make person touched."

    “Around the world, such environmental resources in a community  are rare. My design must not be lost to the previous, I have to respect the natural and living environment here".

  • Daniel Lebskind——American jew’s architect, The chief architect Of reconstruction project of New York's world trade center

    In August 2011, he came to the village and said:

    “If there are two beautiful cities let me choose , such as: Paris and Hangzhou, I will not hesitate to choose Hangzhou."

    “I come here to linger. The life style in here is slower than other place . The pedestrians, like people in the streets of New York, just only they are not speak English."

  • Kenyahara——The Mesozoic designers ,Art director of muji

    On March 27, 2012, Kenyahara visited Liangzhu New Town.

    He said: “Here let me have a breath between the life. Liangzhu New Town not only  belong to  Hangzhou of China, but also the world. ”

  • Seung,H-ang——South Korean contemporary architect

    On May 27, 2013, he came to Liangzhu New Town and said:

    "I ‘m very touched, developers are not only to sell the house , but in the pursuit of an ideal life that the ideal of chinese life , and of all mankind."

    "I see Vanke is not only building a community, but to build a" community ", in this community, you can see children, the old, the poor and the rich, they are all found a peaceful and stable way of life."

  • Paul Andreu——The French renowned architects,Designer of the Paris Charles DE gaulle airport,Shanghai pudong airport and China national grand theatre.

    On June 20, 2013, Paul Andrew traveled to Liangzhu New Town, he added: "the calm, prudence and basic quality, this is what I firmly believe that the essence of the architect." “When Arts and Culture center is completed, I will make a speech.”

Town with many stories
Villagers’ Library - A community library established by the community owners through the crowd-funding

In June the library located in the culture building initiated the “China’s most beautiful library fundraising event” and saw enthusiastic participation from netizens. 607 netizens raised 100,000rmb. The purchase of a 100rmb coffee voucher would

also see you receive a shelf with a book of your recommendation placed on the shelf with a note recommending the book. This is the first site where netizens have participated in fundraising for a community library. Before the library was established in September 2014 it was formerly a town bookclub, but has since linked up with the Hangzhou city library and is an open library intended for the community and as an area for community events. The townsfolk regularly hold forums, classes and exchanges between organizations.

Liangzhu Center of the Arts - A paradise for group growth under a big roof

The design concept of Liangzhu Center of the Arts is "children's communication place under a big roof", The "children" here means everyone instead of the children only, because Mr. Ando thinks that we all need the continuous growth and progress, and he hopes that everyone can grow and harvest under the big roof, and the big roof can be the growth paradise for everyone!

The whole building pays the most attention to the internal connection among the nature, culture, and people. It creatively combines the oriental aesthetics theory with the western architectural theory, perfectly showing Tadao Ando’s space concept of "emotional foundation". It is not only the only masterpiece of Mr. Ando currently in Hangzhou, but also one of the representative works in recent years.

Vanke Liangzhu Center of the Arts has been established in February 2015 formally, and officially opened on 5th June, 2016. Liangzhu Center of the Arts regards "local internationalization" Global as the idea, based on Hangzhou, facing the world. All types of art activities are held here on a regular basis, so it is the palace of art as well as highland of spirit for the town.

It is also the information center of Liangzhu New Town. There are not only the consulting function, the town traveling and living map, but also many comprehensive information of town activities, and souvenir shops to buy the town merchant products and handicrafts.

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